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Live In Asheville Black 3LP (Bootleg by Fuzz Club)

Live In Asheville Black 3LP (Bootleg by Fuzz Club)

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Black Version: Triple LP box-set on black 180g vinyl. Includes 62x62cm poster. Artwork and remaster exclusive to Fuzz Club Bootlegs. Limited to 334 copies.


1. Evil Star

2. Self Immolate

3. Venusian 1

4. Alter Me III

5. Altered Beast IV

6. People Vultures

7. This Thing

8. Beginner’s Luck

9. Rattlesnake

10. Cyboogie

11. Loyalty

12. Horology

13. Boogieman Sam

14. Plastic Boogie

15. Mars For The Rich

16. Hell

17. The Lord of Lightning

18. The Bitter Boogie

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