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Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4 (Bootleg by Needlejuice Records)

Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4 (Bootleg by Needlejuice Records)

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Dead Pond Scum LP - 

Disc 1: Swamp Green with Olive Green smoke, with Olive Green and Evergreen splatter
Disc 2: Black/Blood Red/Bone swirl with Red and Magenta splatter

Dripping Tap LP - Progressively flooding transparent blue 2xLP

A1 Music to Eat Pond Scum To
A2 All is Known
A3 Stoned Mullet
A4 Greenhouse Heat Death
A5 Party Potential
A6 Gaia
A7 German Rock n Rolle
B1 Sleep Drifter
B2 Mariposa
B3 Mars for the Rich
B4 The Hungry Wolf of Fate
B5 Flying Fishie
B6 The Dripping Tap 1
C1 Music to Die To
C2 Sleep Drifter 2
C3 Uncolonise
C4 Altered Beast I
C5 Worm
C6 The Bird Song
C7 Kelebek
C8 Predator X
D1 Tea and Jam
D2 Big Fig Wasp
D3 Cookies
D4 The Mother Hen
D5 The Dripping Tap 2

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